Welcome to Richardson Travel Ltd.

Looking for reliable and safe transport for your group?

Welcome to Richardson Travel Ltd; established over forty years ago in 1976, we offer a wealth of experience and financial security to all group organizers both for day trips, tours or contracts. Our widely recognized, predominantly  Volvo fleet of vehicles in their distinctive blue livery and personable professional drivers guarantee satisfaction every time.

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“Our Straight Dealing Promise”

The Personal Touch:

By staying resolutely a small family company, from the moment you make your initial enquiry and in any subsequent discussions, you will probably be dealing with the Director or one of the managers and, for those crucial events that take months of calls and planning (such as wedding transport) you will come to recognise the ‘voice on the end of the phone’ as we like to work ‘one-to-one’ with you. Very short lines of communication ensure quick decisions, immediate clarification of any issues and avoid misunderstandings.

A Realistic Assessment of your Needs:

We do not take on hires with unrealistic itineraries; we are pleased to give, without obligation, advice as to what is possible given current average traffic conditions and the driver’s hour’s regulations. All this backed up by our many years experience of dealing with a wide spectrum of adult groups as well as school and college trips. Often our advice on making just small changes to a desired Itinerary can lead to substantial cost savings.

An Honest Assessment of our Capabilities:

We will not take on hires we cannot meet from our own resources. If the client specifically requests that we hire in on their behalf or it is an emergency, we will always tell the client from whom we intend to hire for the additional vehicle(s). Likewise, we never take on so much work that hires have to be tightly linked leaving no time for possible delays. When a discount price has been given for a hire that is ‘after’, ‘between’ or ‘before’ another run, we will always specify the latest time the vehicle must be back before accepting the hire.

Everything in Writing:

For each coach booking, you will receive a written “Customer Confirmation” of all the details of your trip with cancellation terms on the reverse. On receipt, we ask that you check we have everything as you require. For a simple journey, it will contain destination details, agreed times and cost (and what is included or not included in that cost), size and specification of coach. For more complicated journeys, such as those to the continent, it will include an itinerary with ferry times and breaks etc. Your invoice will be sent 4 – 6 weeks before travel, incorporating all the details, once again taking into account any amendments that might have been made.

Effective Support for Group Organizers:

We encourage group organizers to plan well ahead and accept that you are likely to experience some uncertainty over the support you will receive for your endeavours. Our positive contribution comes through our (unique?) facility to adjust the price of your hire if your numbers fall below 35 or conversely go above 35 passengers. Once a booking has been confirmed and a vehicle allocated the price adjustment can be made up to seven days before departure. If your numbers fall to 35 or below we may well alter the vehicle allocation to one of our new (65 plate) 36 seater Mercedes coaches, though you might try advertising in the Notice Board section of our web-site in an effort to boost your numbers; this is a FREE service for all Richardson Travel customers, just give us a call!

Money, Money, Money:

In general, we do not ask regular clients for deposits or prepayment of Invoices for day hires (although many do prefer to pay a few days in advance). In the case of tours or hires involving ferries booked on the clients behalf, we will ask for “stage payments” to cover our liabilities and ensure the balance of all charges are paid at least 7 days before departure.  We have NEVER given “back-word” on a booking we have accepted and confirmed in writing; in return we ask that if you do have to cancel we be given adequate notice as per our cancellation terms.

Look before you Book:

Our clearly liveried Volvo & Mercedes vehicles are a familiar sight throughout Southern England, the near continent and sometimes beyond.  Just visit the FLEET page on our website for details.  We have nothing to hide and potential customers are more than welcome (at a mutually convenient time) to come and view the vehicles on offer and (subject to health and safety considerations) view our depot facilities.

Peace of Mind:

Whenever one of our vehicles is on the road, night or day or at weekends, there is a responsible person at the end of the phone to provide emergency back-up to both the driver and the customer. Under normal conditions, a fully operational spare vehicle / driver is available. The Company has excellent contacts throughout the UK as well as the resources of VOLVO ACTION EUROPE. The company also has Continental Breakdown Cover Insurance for other aspects of operation in Europe.