Coach Hire West Sussex

Coach Hire Made Easy

At Richardson Travel, our aim is to make hiring a oach just a series of simple steps and our pricing policy as transparent as possible. For the majority of hires, the whole process can take as little as five minutes. Tours etc. can take a little longer!

Before we can give a reasonably accurate quotation or estimate, we need the following basic information (please have this ready if you are phoning or include in any email request):-

  1. How many people do you expect to move?
  2. Where will be your first pick-up point?
  3. Where is your final destination?
  4. What date(s) do you have in mind?
  5. Are there any particular facilities you require on the coach
    (ie Toilet, Air Conditioning etc.)

Assuming your requirements above are practicable and we have availability of a suitable vehicle, we will then cover the following:-

  1. What time do you need to arrive at your destination?
  2. What time do you expect to depart your destination?

We will then advise on possible times of departure from your picking – up point(s) and likely arrival back after completion of your journey. We will provide advice on driver requirements etc. (drivers are limited as to how many hours they can be on duty from ‘sign on’ to ‘sign off’ and must have a legal break amounting to 45 minutes for every four and a half hours driving) to help you with the planning of your trip.

We will then give you the basic “LIST” price based upon the mileage our vehicle will run, depot to depot and the number of hours we will have to pay our driver(s), again from “Sign On to Sign Off”

We will then be in a position to give you a Quotation based upon this, less any discounts to which you may be entitled, namely:-

  1. Seasonal Discounts:  Please contact the office if you require information about these. You may wish to choose the date of your trip to get the highest discount!
  2. Utilisation Discount: It may be that we can fit your hire around or between other commitments. We will be pleased to discuss how a change of a few minutes can sometimes make a saving.
  3. Educational Discount: Generally applied to most Educational Establishments.
  4. Volume Discount: If you are an existing customer, extra discount is given dependent upon the volume of business during the year (Calendar or Academic).