The Yellow Fleet


The logic for UTIL-BUS is inescapable; the new, pretty, Blue Coaches cost between £180,000 and £220,000 but the Yellow “Util-Buses” cost less than 10% of this to put on the road, even when the basic upholstered individual seats are replaced by Brand New “Utilitarian” seats in a 3+2 configuration (see the picture below) This cost includes the fitting of seatbelts, tachograph and changing colour to “school bus” yellow.

Once our fleet of “Util-Buses” have earned their daily keep by working Home to School Transport routes for HCC and one Private Sector College, they can be hired for at least 20% less than the price of one of the Blue Coaches for the same local journey, subject to the condition set out below. If you have a regular run (library, baths etc.) even more significant savings can be made.

As the complexities of insurance forbid most coaches allowing use of child booster seats (or car seats) the height-adjustable belts (designed with preschool age children in mind) mean passengers of ALL ages can travel safely.

They can also be made available after normal school hours, at weekends and in school holidays at ridiculously cheap prices for youth activities.  (Two Teachers even used one for their Wedding Transport)
ON A SCHOOL DAY, the Sole Criteria for availability and the Discount Price for a UTIL-BUS Vehicle, is as follows:- Your vehicle must be able to leave LIPHOOK at, or after, 08:30 but MUST be back in Liphook for 15:30
Our Office will advise on the practicality of any proposed Itinerary.

NB: UTIL-BUSES have no underfloor storage for equipment or overhead luggage racks BUT with their high ceiling and low back seats they make ideal MOBILE CLASSROOMS in inclement weather! If you are travelling for more than a hour at a time,  we recommend that a “proper” (Blue) coach is hired from the Richardson Travel main fleet. UTIL-BUSES cannot go into London LEZ.

UTIL Bus, all age seat belts
Util-Buses” come with either (2+2 configuration) 48 or 53 seats (YB/YC class). OR (3+2 configuration) giving 61 seats (SYP class). The “Super YBs” with their ” All-Age” adjustable three point seat belts (See illustration) are of particular interest to schools looking to quickly move very young children short distances.
Rest assured that these vehicles are maintained to the same high standards as our newest vehicles and driven by the same personable, CRB checked staff, that you will have experienced with our modern coaches. These vehicles are operated under the full panoply of the PSV regulations in regard to vehicle and driver licensing and the EU driver’s hours regulations.
If pupil plus staff numbers exceed 61, why not consider one of our modern Double Decker Buses with belted seating for 76 + DDA Ramp & Wheelchair Space.